Custom Sourcing

4BrandMax Inc, based in New York, comprises highly experienced local professionals with a decade of logistics and manufacturing expertise. These experts possess certifications in industrial engineering, process controls, CAD, and tooling, enriching their skill set. With a strong foundation in the heart of the industry, they excel in providing tailored solutions for sourcing needs, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency for clients.


With many years of experience in the promotional products industry, 4BrandMax has established a remarkable reputation throughout the entire supply chain.

Quality Control

Our quality control team consists of highly experienced individuals from diverse professional backgrounds. They ensure the highest standards by implementing a four-step process: 1) Obtaining written approval of pre-production samples, 2) Utilizing pre-production samples as benchmarks, 3) Conducting quality control measures throughout production, and 4) Ensuring the exactness of approved products.

Warehouse Fulfillment

What We Do: Custom Kitting, Pallet Storage - Pick, Pack, Ship. Our experienced team excels in storage, picking, packing, and shipping, ensuring seamless supply chain management for your business.

4BrandMax Inc

“We guarantee the highest quality Gifts and Premiums.”
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